Welcome To Cocoa Browne Beauty

Welcome to Cocoa Browne Beauty

I can’t believe this is finally happening! I’m sharing my baby with the world and it feels so great. What started as a hobby has become my dream and I couldn’t be happier with this experience. I can’t wait to tell you a little about where this all came from and where I can only hope it goes, but first let me introduce myself. My name is Terez Browne and I am the creator of Cocoa Browne Beauty which is a Canadian based beauty company that specializes in cruelty free mink lashes and many many great things to come!

How did all of this even begin? Well, I wanted to create a brand that would focus on things I was truly passionate about which are lashes and all things beauty. Ever since I was a little girl I was obsessed with having beautiful lashes. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup and I would beg my mom to let me wear mascara and one day she finally said yes, so I bought my first Covergirl mascara and I realized then that a good set of lashes is all you need.

When I was 16 I bought my first set of strip lashes and would watch tutorial after tutorial on YouTube until I got it right. I definitely had moments when I looked absolutely CRAZY, but I was determined to get it. Fast forward 7 years later and I’ve completed my certification in lash extensions and I can put on a pair of falsies in under 3 minutes! The lashes got bigger and more dramatic and I have so much fun trying out different styles and lengths.

I wanted to build something that would give people around me the opportunity to try the same lashes and to find a style that speaks to them. I made sure to pick a range of styles that could be natural yet glamorous so that whether you’re a first timer or a lash guru you could find something you’ll love!

With lashes being the natural place to start with my brand it also got me thinking about everything else it could become. What does that mean? It means you can expect a lot from me and my company in the future as I am currently speaking it into existence! I want Cocoa Browne Beauty to be a place where we can ALL celebrate what we find beautiful, whether it’s written words in a blog post like these or physical products & accessories. I want it to be true to myself and my goal for a more creative space where everyone feels welcome.

There will always be people out there that will tell you to stay in a lane or to stick to “what’s safe”. All I have to say to that is I don’t want a lane... I want the whole damn highway LOL

I truly believe in growing together and can’t wait to push my own personal boundaries when it comes to styles and products. The experience of sharing a passion with the world is truly amazing and I hope you all love the process as much as I do.

Stay beautiful,

Terez Browne
Cocoa Browne Beauty